Finally, a growth plan you can use.

Imagine having an entire strategic growth plan for your agency, consulting firm, or freelance business in just 30 days.

  • A high-ticket, long-term offer ladder.
  • Premium positioning.
  • Masterful messaging.
  • Profitable pricing.
  • Authority-building content strategies.

Everything you need to build a long-term, high-ticket client base and a network of new leads and referrals to last a lifetime.

This is for you IF:

  1. You have a service-based offer currently priced over $5k and can deliver reliably, but you'd like to work on larger contracts with companies that have greater revenue so you can charge $30k or more.

  2. You understand that selling more to an existing client is 4-7X easier than selling anything to a brand new one, and you want to build retention into your services so they stick around for the long haul.

  3. You understand that CEOs aren't waiting to download your freebie, you need to go out and meet them. If you can't or won't do any kind of outreach, implementing the authority content portion of this strategy will be hard for you.


Here's what is included:


One 1:1 kick-off session. For 90 minutes, we dig deep and uncover a ton of information. This is our initial discovery. You will be tired, but you won't have to fill out any long intake forms or repeat yourself 6X to everyone on our team.

Four 1:1 follow-up sessions. For one hour per week, we meet and discuss progress. If you have a team, we may ask your team members to participate in one or more of these sessions for interviewing. During this time we'll go over your niching, current offers and pricing, current services and clients, and begin to uncover a strategy.


One strategy review session. For 60-90 minutes, we'll meet and go over the strategy document I've created for you that will outline:

  • Your best high-ticket, long-term services to provide
  • The best 3 niches you can provide them to, with one specific direction and 2 backups (you should always have backups to your backups)
  • Criteria for potential clients, so you can quickly assess viability and specific offer fit from the outside looking in
  • An offer ladder with built-in retention, so you know what to offer, and when, in order to achieve maximum (re: years to decades) long retention
  • Example prospect lists of pre-researched companies for each of your top 3 niches with contact information and a criteria assessment already done, so you know how to apply what you've learned
  • Value-based pricing breakdown for these offers, with a pricing model you can apply to ensure profitability
  • Premium positioning audit, to uncover why you haven't been attracting those clients so far and exactly what you need to shift in your messaging and positioning to do so
  • Your initial Authority Content strategy with 90 days worth of actionable plans
  • Your long-term Authority Content strategy with 12 months worth of actionable plans

Yes, in just 30 days we'll hand you a report that walks you through your entire profitable offer system, with built-in retention and pre-researched prospects, plus a 12+ month plan to build content and relationships that will bring you a consistent stream of clients for years to come.

It's all in a handy Notion dashboard, too, for you to reference anytime.

And if you need help and support on the back end to actually implement that strategy? Our private Accelerator program is only available to people who have done The Audit.


Solo Providers

$5k and up


  • Everything above for you as a solo service provider (consultant, freelancer, creative) 1:1 with me.
  • One-time investment, with no recurring costs
  • Includes¬†post-audit support for 90 days

Agencies + Teams

$10k and up


  • Everything above for you AND your team,¬†including additional skills audits to spot profitable new offers
  • One-time investment, with no recurring costs
  • Includes post-audit support for 90 days



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