So, you want to build an online course?

You’re here because COVID-19 has shown you that your business isn’t bulletproof. You need a way to generate resilient, online income –  maybe even passive income – to keep your business growing even during hard times.

We’re here to tell you it isn’t easy. That you can shift parts of your business to the digital world, and generate an income with online courses, but it will take dedication and it will take time. 

Most online course creators start with the fun stuff. Facebook lives, course content outlines, maybe even making videos and posting them in Thinkific or Kajabi. They think if they build a course, and tell their customers, the magic will happen and the course will explode and realize it’s full potential while they ride off into the sunset, passive income in hand.

Of course, that isn’t what happens – because the fun stuff, the stuff you SEE online course creators doing, isn’t what made them successful in the first place. It is the things you DON’T see that made them successful. And most of what you don’t see is research.

Market research interviews, surveys, user experience testing, keyword analysis, SEO audits of competing channels… These are the things that successful course creators have always done, but rarely show – because it isn’t sexy. They’re boring. They’re hard.

You have to get to know your audience so well, you can reliably guess what they ate for breakfast, and that isn’t always a lot of fun.

Unless you’re huge nerds, like us. Then it is a TON of fun. Which is why it is our secret sauce, the thing that makes our clients more successful than the people who hired a “ClickFunnels expert” or a “Facebook ads agency” without putting in the hard work first.

We know how to get into your clients’ brains and figure out what they really want from you, and how they want it. We uncover the REAL problems, not just the surface level things. We figure out what they read and who they watch and where else they go for information so you can fill a gap for them that no one else can. 

And then we test that with you to make sure they buy, before we move on and build a full course with a funnel and a marketing campaign.

That’s why we can guarantee results – because we already know you’ll be successful before we ever launch a course. Your own customers told us so.

Passive income… It might be a pipe dream for most. Courses will always take work. The road is hard, but for those who are willing to travel it, the rewards are many and the margins are huge.

If you’re curious and you want to know if a pilot might be right for you, reach out. We’d love to help.

 – Cheryl Woodhouse
   Founder, Tactile Design Co.

How do we make our clients so successful?

Market Research and Piloting

How do we know what your customers want to buy? We ask them. Qualitative and quantitative market and user experience research delivered by our experienced team help us build profitable courses that sell.


After product strategy and your pilot comes course and funnel development. Your new offer needs branding, graphic design support, collateral, social graphics, and more. We can even provide video production and photography.

Strategy and Positioning

Once we know what your customers want to buy, we help you figure out how to position the thing you do best as the solution to their challenges and the path to achieve their goals and how to promote it to them in ways that convert.


What good is a new offer if no one knows about it? From funnel building to email campaigns, social media marketing, paid digital media, content/inbound marketing, influencer sponsorships, and more - our incredible team of copywriters, social media marketers, designers, and experts handle it all.

Get in touch with us to see if we can help. We’ll do a no-cost assessment to let you know if the time is right for you to run a profitable pilot.

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