The average lead from a Facebook ad costs $8.

We've gotten them for less than $2.

You’re here because COVID-19 has shown you that your business isn’t bulletproof. You’ve pivoted, you’ve survived, maybe you even thrived through the pandemic, but you know that you need an ongoing source of leads – or you might not make it through the next hurdle.

You’ve heard that online advertising like Facebook and Instagram can help drive leads. Maybe you’ve even done some yourself. But it is seeming costly, time-consuming, and not bringing in the results you expected.

Not to mention, you and your team are spending 8+ hours each week managing your organic social media just for 100-250 people to see it.

That’s why we’re here to help.

We’re a team of entrepreneurs and content creators who just so happen to be some of the best digital advertising experts in the country. Algorithm changes, cost increases, iOS updates have all come and gone – and we’re still here, providing leads for as little as $1.77. No, really. Here’s a screenshot from one of our recent campaigns:

The reason we can drive new email subscribers and leadss in such a cost effective way is because we use strategies that our competitors, well, don’t. We combine the power of engaging organic social media content (timed just right for the algorithm, so you can produce less content for a greater return) and pair it with an optimized ad budget, a specialized targeting system, and a series of retargeting ads.

That’s geek-speak for “we’ve got some proprietary ways to make you extra money this year.”

Curious if we can help you stand out and attract more clients and customers in 2021 via social? Reach out below.

 – Cheryl Woodhouse
   Founder, Tactile Design Co.

How do we make our clients so successful?

Optimized Organic

Stop posting every day! It doesn't work anymore. Through a combination of carefully timed organic feed posts, engagement strategies, and use of Stories on targeted platforms, we can optimize your organic content so it gets seen by more people.

Great Graphics

Today's clients buy with their eyes. Our graphics and branding team will create stunning visuals to accompany all of your social content and advertising, and we've partnered with some of the best photographers and videographers in the country to help produce your content. How cool is that?

Technical Targeting

You've got a customer database - that is one of the most valuable assets any business can have. And we know how to use that database to grow your online audience (and drive more leads.) And no, we're not just serving ads to the people who already know about you. We've got tricks up our sleeves.

Get in touch for a no-cost assessment to see if we can help. 

If you’re a fit for our strategies, we’ll help you customize it for your business and schedule out your content.

We have traditional agency ongoing options, as well as day rates and fractional CMO offerings to support and strategize for your in-house team.

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