A marketing strategist in your pocket.

Consultants and creatives have been stuck in a strange liminal space for a long time.

Too small for most agencies, they need some marketing support but not the $50k+ per year price tag (or the intern doing the work for that price.)

But once you hit a certain point in your career, you don't need basic books and business courses anymore, either.

You don't have 6 months to spend in a group program, learning how to market yourself, surrounded by people asking questions like "do I need a website?" and "how do I setup ConvertKit?"

You just wish you could have your own CMO - someone who got to know your business, someone who had been trained on 20+ years of marketing professional services, someone who really knew what they were doing. In fact, you wish you could have one living in your pocket.

Guess. What.

With over 20 years of experience in marketing for thought leaders and building personal brands, our team spent the past year manually perfecting a system of information collection and marketing strategy into a repeatable process.

We called it The Audit.

And over 2 dozen creatives and consultants went through the process with us. In 30 days, they got:

  • A profitable¬†offer ladder.
  • Premium positioning.
  • Masterful messaging.
  • Equitable¬†pricing.
  • Authority-building content strategies.

Everything they needed to build a reliable pipeline, authority, and a network of new leads and referrals to last a lifetime.

The problem was, it required our time to do it.

We literally had a person filling out spreadsheets and choosing between options.

Until we realized that AI could be trained to do this information collection, analysis, and make these choices for us.

So, that's what we did.

Over 100k words worth of marketing strategies, questions, transcripts and information, loaded into a custom AI model.

Our entire system for creating winning marketing strategies, carefully programmed into this model over the course of several months. Painstakingly tested and refined.

Until we had it:

An AI Fractional CMO for consultants and creatives like us, who can gather up the right information about our businesses and provide us with a marketing strategy that works.


It can continue to advise us with every decision we need to make, every campaign we need to outline, every angle and hook that needs to be analyzed, every email sequence that needs a structure.

CatalystAI is there, in your pocket, as your personal pocket CMO.

It learns your business inside and out. What works, what doesn't, what you like, what you don't, your strengths, your weaknesses, your minimum profitable pricing, your USP and value proposition, your services and skills, the niches you can serve...

... and in just minutes, it outlines your positioning, your messaging, your perfect target audience, a profitable offer ladder with equitable pricing, a 12-month marketing calendar with campaigns, an authority-building content strategy, an opt-in freebie and an email sequence.

All perfectly aligned, all ready to go.

And if you don't like part of it? You just provide feedback and watch it adjust the entire strategy dynamically, in real time.

What used to take us 30-60 days now takes you 60 minutes.

 The entire end-to-end process of generating your initial marketing strategy can now be done in less than an hour, or if you really want to go wild, in an afternoon.

And from that point forward, you can ask CatalystAI any question about your marketing and get an informed, trained answer.

You can make decisions about new campaigns, new offers, new messaging, new services... You can ask it for seasonal campaigns, holiday promotions, or collaborative partnerships. It can outline email sequences, or suggest referral partners.

Unlike regular AI chatbots, CatalystAI has advanced capabilities.

Forget the training for a minute, or the fact that it was informed by 20+ years of work in marketing (NOT by some tech-bro's ideas of what marketing is.)

CatalystAI can search the web (making it a perfect companion for competitive or referral partner research).

It can analyze data, helping you spot trends in your analytics.

It can generate images, supercharging your personas with pictures of what they could actually look like.

Yes, CatalystAI is a GPT... But it's unlike any GPT you've ever used, programmed to follow a specific sequence of questions to gather the right information and a specific sequence of output to give you the right strategy.

You can even name it!

So it really is like your own CMO, in your pocket.

Now, we used to charge $5k for doing this 1:1... Which, frankly, was an absolute steal of a deal.

Before we created this repeatable model, marketing strategies with us were $20k-$120k projects - completely custom.

But CatalystAI isn't $120k, or $20k, or even $5k.

In fact, lifetime access to CatalystAI is less than a single month of agency services. (But it won't stay that way forever - read on and we'll tell you why in a minute.)

Here's what is included:

Full, unlimited, lifetime access to CatalystAI. The product's lifetime, of course. But you get the link to our custom GPT, and you can use it as much as you want for as long as OpenAI exists and keeps it live. We'll continue improving and training it as more users put it through it's paces and we gather more data.

A full set of tutorials on how to use CatalystAI. We didn't just want to set you loose on an AI tool without any context, so we're actually teaching you our full information gathering process AND key decision making information in this set of video tutorials. Technically, with these tutorials, you have enough information that you could start the process manually.

All future versions of CatalystAI, with lifetime access. Right now, this is a custom GPT. But this is just the very beginning of our journey with this project - our MVP for the concept. Once we have enough clients using our program and process, we'll begin custom development of our own AI SaaS and expand use cases to include product-based businesses, service-based businesses, and education businesses. Eventually, CatalystAI will be a premium subscription service - but you'll have lifetime access with no additional fees. (Think of this like an AppSumo deal for an AI marketing strategist - this is your lifetime deal.)

A handy Notion dashboard. Whether you want to gather your information ahead of time, capture the information that CatalystAI generates for you, or both, this Notion dashboard is your perfect companion.

CatalystAI will generate:

  • Your¬†profitable offer ladder, including leveraged services
  • The best 3 niches you can provide them to,¬†tied together with one common point (so you can target multiple niches without changing your language)
  • Criteria for potential clients, so you can quickly assess viability and specific offer fit from the outside looking in
  • An offer ladder with built-in retention, so you know what to offer, and when, in order to achieve maximum (re: years to decades) long retention
  • Premium positioning audit, to uncover why you haven't been attracting those clients so far and exactly what you need to shift in your messaging and positioning to do so
  • Your initial Authority Content strategy with 90 days worth of actionable plans
  • Your long-term Authority Content strategy with 12 months worth of actionable plans
  • Your best opt-in freebie, so you can start building your mailing list
  • An email sequence to come after the opt-in freebie, so you can start engaging said email list from day one
  • Client personas, so you know who to target with your marketing and understand more of their thinking
  • And a lot more - all in 60 minutes or less.

All of this for $2500 USD with unlimited, lifetime access and unlimited email support during our beta phase.

You can even use CatalystAI to generate marketing strategies for your clients, saving hours of onboarding time and strategy work for yourself.

Ready to give it a try? Fill out the form below to apply for an invitation to our public beta!