Standard B2B marketing strategies amount to little more than "spray and pray" or "build a massive audience for credibility until someone hires you."

We can start getting you clients from day one, and keep it going with just a handful of awesome prospects.

You’re here because COVID-19 has shown you that your business isn’t bulletproof. You’ve pivoted, you’ve survived, maybe you even thrived through the pandemic, but you know that you need an ongoing source of leads – or you might not make it through the next hurdle.

Content marketing is still king, but most people are doing it wrong.

They start with key messages and content pillars based on what they want to say.

They consistently post and share and promote for months or years without getting any real traction, to build an “audience”.

Finally, when they have a big enough audience, the leads slowly start to trickle in from freebie seekers and tire kickers… Eventually shifting into professional, high-calibre leads when demand and authority is SO HIGH you’re literally getting calls from journalists who want to feature you.

If you want to be an internet celebrity, this is a great path – but if you want to grow your agency, consultancy, or software company, experience shows that this is not the way. This is just a path to a lot of wasted time, money, and effort.

What do we do instead?

First, we find out what your ideal (high-ticket, long-term, driven and ready to buy) clients want to hear from you using our research methodology and applied design principles (plus the 20+ years of experience on our team.)

Then we create a content marketing strategy that also happens to be a prospecting strategy – simultaneously positioning you for long-term audience building while getting you hot leads for your services from day one.

Then we design a high-ticket offer ladder that helps you stand out, weed out the tire kickers, minimize lost proposals and time on sales calls while maximizing conversion. So you never have to get ghosted on a proposal again.

The end result is less time marketing, less time selling, more qualified leads bringing you more profits, and a more efficient sales process that helps you grow faster – while also making you an internet celebrity, if that’s what you want.

Curious if we can help you stand out and attract more clients and customers in 2021 via social? Reach out below.

 – Cheryl Woodhouse
   Founder, Tactile Design Co.

How do we make our clients so successful?


We know how to build a crystal ball out of your current audience, and tell you exactly what your ideal high-ticket, long-term clients need to hear in order to buy from you. Whether it's optimizing your content and messaging, improving your sales copy, or just shifting your positioning, we can uncover exactly what you need to know for the market research with the best ROI of any agency.


No, not fancy graphics and a new logo - design thinking. We take our research and strategy, and we spot the challenges, ideate, test and iterate our way to the final solution. Whether this means building a content marketing engine that brings clients from day one, creating a sales process that minimizes time spent with unqualified prospects, or developing a pricing strategy that helps your clients invest at a higher level while building predictability into your cashflow, design can always be applied.


Research without strategy would be great ideas with no execution. We know how to build and price project-based, high-ticket, long-term offers that give your business stable cash-flow, increasing profitability, and the predictability you need to scale. We create your rate sheet and offer SOPs with you, then help you implement a pricing, prospecting, positioning and package strategy that attracts and closes the right people.

Get in touch for a no-cost assessment to see if we can help. 

If you’re a fit for our strategies, we’ll start with a research project to uncover all of the opportunities available.

Then, whether we consult, support, or implement the strategy for you, we have options to get the clients you need in a way that maximizes long-term ROI and scalability over short-term wins.

Past success stories . . .

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We grew our team because we wanted to create a great place to work, with ample opportunities for growth and respect for creative ideas. We would love it if you could join us.