How we build profitable courses
in four simple steps.

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1: Ugh, research.

We know, we know. Can’t we just get to the creating stuff part? Well, yes, you can – if you’re not too worried about the “will people pay for this” part. But if a profitable course is what you’re after, we’re expert market researchers and we’ll spot the highest impact opportunities you’ve got.

Once we know what your audience wants from you, we need to actually attempt to deliver it. This is where we help you fill a profitable pilot (aka you recoup your investment in market research here) and set up the foundation for amazing testimonials, mountains of social proof, and a sales funnel that helps you bring in new customers around the clock.

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Those fancy courses in Thinkific or Kajabi you’ve been eyeing as #goals? Now we get to build that. 

Our expert instructional designers will help you lay out your course material, we’ll work with you to create an exceptional customer experience, you can choose to film on your own with our tips OR have our expert crews come to your location and shoot your course materials on site, and then we’ll handle all of the technical fiddly stuff-that-breaks to give you a final, polished, real course that people will happily invest in.

Funnels, Facebook ads, organic, YouTube, Instagram, Google? Etsy. What?

Building a digital marketing system for your online course can be confusing at best and frustrating at it’s worst.

We’ll build you a custom funnel for your course and work together to perfect the conversion rate at every step along the way, from your lead source to your conversion mechanism.

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