Who are we?

Since 2003, our founder has been helping businesses to grow. Whether designing websites, writing copy, doing research, creating strategy, hiring and building sales teams, coaching and supporting business development strategy, or just being the voice of reason in a room, they have a knack for positioning premium services in ways that get high-ticket clients on board.

In 2019, we grew into a team – and by adding applied design to the mix, we’re doing some crazy things that other agencies just haven’t caught on to yet.

We’re bringing user experience to the marketing process to optimize conversion.

We’ve created ad campaigns beating industry benchmarks by 10X.

We’re humanizing your social media content by bringing stories to your feed.

We’re overthrowing the algorithm by playing Facebook’s game (instead of trying to game the algorithm.)

We do it all by conducting human-centric research and applying it to your social media campaigns. This improves the results of both your organic and paid social media at the same time. And let’s face it, very few agencies offer both services – and even fewer are good at both. But we combined organic and paid social together because we believe they can work better together.

Kind of like our team:

Cheryl Woodhouse

Founder, Strategist, Veteran Digital Marketer

Cheryl has been in digital marketing for over 19 years, but don’t let that fool you – they can still keep up with the cool kids, staying in touch with the latest in social media marketing to keep your business growing.

After a long stint as a freelancer, coach, and consultant, she founded Tactile as a way to help even more companies grow while creating good jobs for creative geniuses.

She believes that entrepreneurship is a path to income equality, and strongly supports minority-owned businesses – both through Tactile and elsewhere in her life.

She’s also the brain behind Solo School, our business education program for neurodivergent entrepreneurs to develop the skills they need to succeed in business.

Adele LaRiviere

Client Success Manager

Adele has been with Tactile almost since the very beginning (well, one could argue since BEFORE the beginning, as Adele and Cheryl had been working together on client work for years.) 

While she is far too humble to admit it, Adele is one of the people who makes our success possible.

She helps our clients navigate their day to day communications with our team, sorts out all manner of spreadsheets and data as needed, helps out with social media and graphics when we have to pull her in, and does literally anything we need to help our clients see the success they’re after.

Adele is a veritable Swiss Army Knife of client and business support skills, and we love her for it.

Rachelle Breland

Ops Manager, Spreadsheet Nerd

If it can be more efficient in a spreadsheet, Rachelle can fix it. She’s our “us wrangler”, the manager of projects, the enterer of data, the person who likely reaches out to you or researches your prospects in the first place.

After a long career in managing offices in crisis (literally – her background is in first responder admin) she joined us for a slower pace, and promptly started fixing all of our broken little mistakes.

If something gets delivered, something stays online, something gets scheduled, or something gets paid, Rachelle is ultimately the reason it all happens and we couldn’t do it without her.